What is the Hockey Centre?

The Hockey Centre is an online ice hockey resource website that is a joint venture involving the International Ice Hockey Federation and the International Ice Hockey Centre of Excellence. It is available to everyone involved in ice hockey worldwide. 

The Centre features specific pages for all areas of ice hockey development; Coaching, Learn to Play, Officiating, Leadership, Medical, Seminars/Symposiums and Articles. With an ease of access the member National Associations officers can find drills, videos, and articles covering all kinds of topics related to Ice Hockey development and education.

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How can I get access to the Hockey Centre?

All Users must register to get basic access to the Hockey Centre The International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) has provided a number of licenses for its member National Associations free of charge. These licenses are provided to assist them in operating their programs in their own nation, as per the IIHF Development Strategy. The number of licenses varies according to the results of each National Association's audit. Please contact your National Association to see if you qualify for the IIHF licence.

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Development Program Assistance Strategy

The IIHF has continued to search for ways to increase the number of member National Associations receiving assistance. The Development Program Assistance Strategy uses the results of the Audit to facilitate development support. This has resulted in an updating on the IIHF development strategy to provide the best level of assistance to nations.

For nations willing to commit to operating development programs, the IIHF will provide Instructors and resources to assist their operation of these programs. This is also the first stage in making IIHF funding available for National Associations domestic development projects.


A National Association is responsible for the organization and operation of development programs in their nation. They must train and educate their people in order to operate these programs.

The IIHF does not operate development programs within an individual nation but they work with their member National Associations to develop and promote hockey. The IIHF provide the expertise, people and resources to assist the organization and operation of educational programs.