Terms of Use of the Hockey Centre Service (HC Service)


These terms of use are applicable to the Hockey Centre Service (HC Service) which Internet pages are: http://www.hockeycentre.org. The Service is offered by Suomen Urheiluopisto (Service Provider). The HC Service consists of material provided by various content providers. The Service can be used for free and chargeable services. In this agreement ‘service’ refers to both service entities. The Service also allows the use or order of third party services, material and products.

The HC Service aims to distribute ice-hockey related coaching and training material for coaches, officials, players, referees and other interest groups and interested parties. The Service also provides teams and clubs tools for their internal communication, training and collection, distribution and follow-up of various information (training diary, tournament feedback, player assessments, test results etc.).

Roles within the HC Service:

The Subscriber is a person who subscribes and pays the team licence via the Internet. He/she automatically acts as the User in his/her team, either as a coach or a team official. Within the licence limits, he/she invites other Users of his/her team and creates groups.

The User is a person who, when invited, has registered to the Service and accepted these terms of use. The User acts either as a coach or an official (team manager, equipment manager etc.) or as a player. Within licence limits a coach or an official can invite Users who are members of his/her team, create contact lists and view collected and stored player information of his/her team. Within the licence limits, the coaches and official can create sub teams or groups for their team. All Users have the same rights to the material in the Service.

In order to use the Service the Subscriber and User must accept these terms of use as binding and agree to act accordingly when subscribing and registering to the Service.

Subscribing to and payment of the Service

The HC Services can be free or chargeable.

Using the chargeable services requires the payment of the sum stated at the subscription. After the subscription the Service is immediately useable (3 days). After the payment the Service is active.

The Service Provider may change the price or pricing bases, and change the chargeable service as a free service or vice versa. The Service Provider may however not change the price or pricing basis during the agreement period. A valid price list and the basis of pricing are available on the HC Service website.

Registration to the Service and use of personal data

In order to use the Service, you must state in the registration form up-to-date and valid personal data, and if you are under 18, your guardian's contact information. As a User of the website you are also obliged to regularly update your user profile information. The Service Provider may refuse your access to the website, if false information is found in your user profile.

The Service Provider shall adhere to the privacy laws when handling personal data. The Service Provider shall handle the personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Act. The data will be used to enable: the membership of the HC Service, service implementation and development and customer communication and to investigate potential misuses. The Service Provider collects the personal data directly from the User or his/her team’s coaches or officials who are registered as Users. In addition, the SLUnet Sporttirekisteri, population register, the Finnish Direct Marketing Association’s call prevention register or any such registers may be used to collect and update data.

All personal data collected or entered into the Service is user specific. Collected or entered User data is available to the User and his/her team’s coaches and officials registered as Users. On his/her team’s website, the User can see the names of all the registered coaches and officials who may collect or use his/her personal data. The User (profile and training diary) and his/her team’s coaches and officials registered as Users (tournament feedback, player assessments, test results) can enter User data into the HC Service. Upon registration as a User, the User gives his/her consent for the personal data collection and the use according to these terms. When the User is removed or removes him/herself of the team licence, the coaches and official registered as Users cannot see the data collected of him/her. In that case the User data remains in the register, however, it will not be used. When the User joins a new team, the coaches and officials of that team registered as Users can see the data collected of the User. The User has at all times the right to prevent the transfer of his/her data when changing teams. He/she can also have entries concerning him/her removed by a written removal notice to the Service Provider. In case the User is under the age of 18, permission from the User’s guardian is needed upon registration for the collection and use of personal data according to these terms. The guardian has the right to familiarise themselves with the personal data of the minor User in the register. This is done by a written request to the Service Provider. Concerning personal data transfer and removal from the register, the guardian of a minor User has the same rights as the User. Reaching an agreement

An agreement is reached when the Subscriber/User has upon subscription or registration accepted these terms of use and by registering confirmed this agreement.

Rights and Liabilities of the User

The yearly licence entitles the Subscriber and User to use all functions within the HC Service. The Subscriber takes care of and is fully responsible for managing the user rights and assigning the user IDs.

The use of the HC Service requires a user ID and a password that are granted by the Service Provider when the User is registered to the Service. Each User has a personal password. The User is responsible for the safe keeping of the user ID and password and not allowing any third party access to the user ID and password. The User shall immediately notify the Service Provider if the User suspects that a third party has gained access to his/her password without the User’s consent. The User is at all times responsible for the use of the HC Service accessed with the User’s ID and password. The User is also responsible for all the material he/she has submitted to the Service Provider, other Users and third parties. The User shall make sure that the material submitted by the User does not infringe copyrights or other immaterial rights.

The User has the right to use the HC Service in accordance with laws, other regulations and good practice. The HC Service material is protected by copyright law and other immaterial laws. The User shall not infringe these laws in any manner. The User shall not submit to the HC Service pornographic, immoral, criminal, racist or misleading etc. material or information. Here material refers to files and data (picture files and possible other files as well as text sent by Users) stored or distributed in the HC Service. The User shall not distribute picture or other files, or write text via the HC Service that may offend other persons.

The User is personally responsible for any misuses and/or illegalities committed under the User’s ID. Material from the HC Service shall not be made available, distributed, shared or transferred to any other service/system, nor shall the service content be exploited for commercial purposes.

Rights and Liabilities of the Service Provider

The ownership and all other rights of the HC Service belong to the Service Provider. The Service Provider has the right to change the HC Service content and purpose, availability, and equipment requirements of use at any time. At its discretion the Service Provider has the right to cancel the User’s password, user ID and the User’s registration without an express notice. At its discretion, the Service Provider has the right, but no liability, to remove or leave unpublished any material it deems inappropriate: picture and other files, and texts by the users that the Service Provider deems illegal or which do not comply with good practice; or cause damage or harm the Service Provider, other Users or third parties. This applies to content that the Service Provider deems misleading, offensive and inappropriate, or that otherwise violate the terms of use. In accordance with law the Service Provider can submit illegal material or material in breach of the terms of use to a competent authority. The Service Provider has the right to remove from the service a User who has given false user data or violated these terms of use, the law or good practice, and block the User from the HC Service without contacting the User. The Service Provider has the right to demand the User to change a password if the Service Provider suspect that the User’s password is no longer kept safe.

The Service Provider has the right to edit the content published by the User in the HC Service, if the Service Provider deems them misleading, offensive and inappropriate or in breach of these terms of use.

The Service Provider has the right to block the User’s access to the service temporarily, if it is necessary for the operation of the HC Service. If the User has not accessed the service in twelve (12) months, the Service Provider can cancel the User’s password and user ID. The User can then register again in the service. The User’s ID or password is not automatically removed as the right of use ends. After the expiry of the agreement, the regulations on ownership and copyright, liability of information and limitations of liability remain in force as long as they are relevant. The User gives the Service Provider the right of use of the material he/she has submitted to the HC Service, and the Service Provider can at its discretion offer this material to other Users of the HC Service.


Adding material to the service is done by the User or the Service Provider and the liability is with the party who has added the material.

The Service Provider is not liable for the content or its authenticity, except for data content provided by the Service Provider itself. The Service Provider’s liability for its own data content is limited to direct damage. However, in case of force majeure, the Service Provider is exempted from liability. The Service Provider is not liable for any texts, pictures or the authenticity of pictures stored by the User; nor is the Service Provider liable for any issues regarding the pictures or whether the User has the legal right to distribute pictures. The same applies to all data or files that the User has sent or distributed in the service or text he/she has written. The Service Provider is not liable for data or the copyrights of such data the User has received via the HC Service from third parties. The Service Provider is also not liable for content that violates good practice or the law. Damage caused by anything that is the responsibility of the User or a third party is not compensated by the Service Provider.

The Service Provider attempts to ensure that the HC Service functions uninterrupted. However, the Service Provider is not liable for interruptions caused by technical faults, data system or data communication problems, malicious software, maintenance or installation breaks, data communication failure or the possible delay, alteration or loss of data due to the abovementioned reasons. The Service Provider is not liable for direct or indirect damages due to the alteration, termination or content of the service The Service Provider is not liable for compensation to the User or third parties for anything concerning the operation of the HC Service. The User is fully liable to compensate all damages whether direct or indirect caused by failure to act according to these terms of use or neglecting the rules of the terms of use.

Changes in terms of use and transfer of liabilities

The Service Provider has the right to change the terms of use of the HC Service. The User will be notified of changes in the terms either via e-mail or the HC Service. Updated and valid terms of use are available for the User on the HC Service Internet pages. Changes are in force immediately. If the User continues to use the HC Service after the terms of use have changed, he/she is deemed having accepted the changed terms.

The Service Provider has the right to transfer to third parties, without advance notice to the User, texts, pictures and all data and user data concerning the use of the HC Service sent to the system by the User. Therefore, the third party must commit to the valid terms of use, and the third party becomes a Service Provider as indicated by these terms of use. The User shall not transfer his/her right of use. The right of use is personal, and it may not be assigned to a third party.


The User shall send all written notices regarding this agreement to the following address: Suomen Urheiluopisto, Hockey Centre; Kaskelantie 10, 19120 Vierumäki, Finland. The Service Provider can send written notices regarding this agreement to the User’s last e-mail address or otherwise in writing.

General notices concerning the service may also be published on the HC Service web pages.

Force majeure

A strike, lockout, fire, data communication failure, order of an authority or other event beyond the Service Provider’s control (force majeure) exempts the Service Provider from these terms of use during the force majeure circumstances.

Disputes and the applicable legislation

This agreement is fully governed and interpreted by Finnish law. All disputes concerning the HC Service, its use and terms of use that cannot be settled through negotiation between the parties will be settled at the District Court of Päijät-Häme in Lahti.

Privacy policy

The use of the HC Service content may be tracked at times e.g. by transferring cookies to the customer’s computer. The purpose of tracking is to collect information on how and when the HC Service is used. The information enables the improvement of the HC Service to better serve the customers. The information is also used to follow the number of visitors. The collected information cannot be used to identify an individual customer. In addition to the tracking, the User’s session information can be stored. The session information is stored on a server and removed as the User logs out of the system, or automatically by the garbage collection process. The session information enables e.g. logging in the HC Service.

The Service Provider shall attempt to protect all personal data submitted to the HC Service as it sees fit. This includes e.g. publishing e-mail addresses in such a form that they cannot be automatically collected for junk mail purposes.